Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Another Week in the Work of the Lord

¿Comó están mis amigos?  ¿Están celebrando esta temporada navideña de alguna manera especial?  ¡Regocijen en el nacimiento de nuestro Salvador!

Lots of good stuff going on this week!  We are helping to spread the word for the Christmas iniciative of the church.  In Spanish, it's called "Ilumina el Mundo" and it involves giving service every day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas.  We started it off last Thursday with a district service project and we painted the house of one of the bishops in our stake.  Christmas is a time for service!  A time to remember Christ through our thoughts as well as our actions.

We continue to see so much progress in each one of our investigators.  I am seeing success like I have never seen before in my entire mission.  I love these people so much and I am so happy to be here helping them and sharing something that will bless their lives forever!!!

Last night, we went to teach the Meza family, a family of investigators that Elder Garcia and I found and started teaching last transfer.  They are progressing, little by little.  Last night, we had planned a FHE with them and we invited a member, a recently returned missionary from Brasil, to come with us.  I had told them that I was going to make Arroz con Leche for them for the FHE.  It took a long time to make the Arroz con Leche, but it turned out really well in the sense that there were lots of people there.  They had invited their sister-in-law, neice, and cousin.  We chatted with them and won their confidence and shared a short spiritual thought about scripture study.  And my Arroz con Leche turned out really well and they all liked it a lot.  They were impressed that I knew how to make it, because many of them didn't know how to.  I'm excited to make Mexican food for y'all when I'm home.  :)
Last week, we had an amazing lesson with them and we saw that they are starting to really seriously accept and think on the things that we are telling them.  We read 2 Nephi 31 with them and then we asked what they understood from that chapter.  They mentioned that they understood the importance of baptism.  Then Ana, the daughter, asked us, "So do you guys believe that baptism in your church is the only baptism that allows us to get into Heaven?"  We responded quite simply, "Yes."  And then we explained about the power and authority that was restored to Joseph Smith.  We also talked about how Jesus had to go to John the Baptist to be baptized by that power and authority, not just anyone could have done it.  Ana's mom, Tere, then said, "And Jesus was 30-years-old when he got baptized, not a baby." Then Ana, who believes very strongly in the Catholic Church, said, "You guys are right.  And you know what?  The baptism of babies isn't right, that's not the way that Jesus did it.  The Catholic Church is wrong on that."  And then we continued on with the conversation.   But that, in itself is a miracle, because that was a very big step for Ana because she is beginning to see what makes us different from all the other churches.  They are beginning to feel what we feel and see what we see.  They have come to church one time and they love listening to us, and we are hoping that they soon will be baptized too.

We got a call on Sunday night from the sister missionaries in Padierna.  Elder Walker answered and they asked for me.  I answered and they said, "Elder Jarrett, we just want to inform you that Diana Herrera is getting baptized and she's asked that you baptize her.  You've got a baptism on December 17th."  That made me very happy to hear that.  Diana Herrera was an investigator that I taught when I was in Ajusco.  She always told us that she wanted to get baptized and that she wanted me to be the one to baptize her, but then she never got baptized in my time there and I thought, Oh well, someone else will arrive and finish teaching her and baptize her.  I ran into Diana a few months later in the Metro when I was secretary in Coyoacan and she reminded me, "Hey, when I get baptized, you're going to baptize me."  I laughed and thought it was funny that she still remembered that she had told me that.  But now it's for real!  She's listened to the missionaries for a long time and now she's ready and she's getting baptized!  Yay!

This Saturday, the man I wrote you about last week, Hector Aguilar, is getting baptized!  He told us last week that the reason he has decided that he is now ready to be baptized is that, last Sunday, he finished reading the entire Book of Mormon!!!  We were so happy to hear his experience and know that, in the moment that he finished reading the book, he knew that baptism was right.  The power of the Book of Mormon is incredible!!!

I hope all is well and that you're enjoying this Special Christmas Season!  I love you all!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!  I'll write again next Friday!


Elder Jarrett

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Week to Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving last week!!!  

Sorry I didn't say anything last week, I had totally forgotten that it was Thanksgiving Day in the good ol' U.S.A. last week.  This holiday is not celebrated at all in Mexico, so I had forgotten all about it.  But luckily, we had a training with President Mecham on Thursday morning and he mentioned that his whole family was gathered together on that day, but that he was celebrating the day by serving a mission and giving thanks to the Lord for His goodness and His gospel.  Then all of us Americans remembered what day it was!  So that day, Elder Walker and I taught about gratitude in almost all of the lessons that we had and we explained what the holiday is in the United States and the importance that we should, in all parts of the world, find the time to give thanks to God and take time to see all of the blessings that we have in our lives, even for the little things that we normally don't even think about.  And it is important that we can give thanks every day, not just once a year on Thanksgiving Day.  So it was a very special day and we were able to bring the bright Thanksgiving Spirit to a few homes here in Mexico to celebrate the day.
Miracles continue!!!  

1)  Last week, just as we came to the internet place to write you guys, there was a drunk man that started talking to us and that said that he wanted to change his life and he asked us to pass by and he gave us his address and phone number.  We passed by on Tuesday morning and his mom, Georgina Ramirez, accepted us in and we talked to her and she said that she wants her family to listen to us!!!  We taught her and placed another appointment, but then the appointment fell and she had to leave the city for a few days, but this week we will be seeing them again.

2)  There's a man in our ward named Hector Aguilar.  He's an investigator that is married to a member and he's been coming to church every Sunday for like a year.  He listened to the missionaries for a few months, but then he decided that he didn't want to keep listening to them because he still didn't feel ready to be baptized and he said that he wanted to be baptized when he felt ready and he didn't want to be pressured by anyone else.  All week, Elder Walker and I have been working hard to get people ready to be baptized, and we've seen lots of success and progress in our investigators (and of course a few moments of disappointment and sadness with others that now don't want to progress) but on Sunday, we had a miracle happen because Hector told us that he's decided that the day arrives in each man's life in which he has to make the decision.  And he's decided that he wants to be baptized!  So he's going to be baptized the 10 of December!!!

3)  We also found a new investigator named Rosa Mar'ia Hernandez last Monday that was willing to close her tienda and go inside her house and accept us in and listen to us.  She said that she needs and wants the help that we can give her because she's having troubles with her faith right now.  We asked her if she is willing to be baptized and she said yes!  And she told us that her daughter would listen to us the next time we came by as well!  But she also went out of town last weekend, so we will be seeing her again this week.

If you want to pray for the investigators that we have right now that are ready to be baptized, please pray for:
Dana Bañuelos, David and Brenda Miranda, Susana Mendoza, Rogelio Lopez, Rosa María Hernandez, Hector Aguilar.  As well as the Meza family, Silvia and Erica, and Georgina Ramirez.
We have lots of good people listening to us right now and we're looking forward to finding even more this next week.  Last week we found 5 new investigators and we had 5 people come to church!!!  I'm seeing success and miracles like I've never seen before in all my mission and I'm so happy!!!  I know that this is the Lord's work and that he is guiding us each day.  He Loves each one of us and Wants each one of us to return to live with Him for forever!!!

I Love You All!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Oh, other fun things from this week:

This morning, we had our Zone Training with President Mecham!!!  It went very well and we were able to talk together as a Zone and inspire, elevate, and encourage one another.

Last night, our house got flooded and we were awaken at 12:30 by our neighbors and we had to dry it all up.  But the Lord blessed us so that our suitcases and almost all of our stuff were kept safe and dry.

Today we went to Meyehualco to shop in the huge street "tianguis" markets that they put up every Tuesday.

Yesterday we had to go to the hospital for Elder Walker.  He's having pain in his sciatic nerve.  But they gave him some shots (and tonight I'll give him one) and now he's feeling better.  :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Living in Book of Mormon Land. :D

The Church is True!!!  Every day we see it again and again.  There is evidence in everything around us.  The Gospel changes lives!!!   Miracles abound in the Mission!!!

What an Awesome Weekend!!!  General Conference!  It was great to hear the words of our Heavenly Father through the mouths of his holy servants.  This time, for my last General Conference in the mission, I decided to watch all of the sessions in Spanish.  Normally, I've gone with all the English speakers to watch it in another room where it is played in English and I've only watched a few sessions in Spanish.  But this time, I decided to watch it all in Spanish.  And it was an amazing experience.  The gospel continues to be true in whatever language it is spoken.  Even though I could not hear the messages in the voices of the actual apostles, I was still inspired by their words and their messages.  (Also, I learned that Elder Christofferson pre-records his talk in Spanish.  And with his talk, you hear his actual voice as he talks in Spanish.  Cool, huh?)

Well, another busy week.  We had intercambios with the zone leaders, our 3-month interviews with the President, and General Conference weekend.  Also, President called me on Tuesday morning and asked me to come back to the offices to help Elder Tanner figure out a few numbers with the finances.  So we kept busy and the week passed by super quickly!

Yesterday, we went to visit the investigator that I mentioned last week that has studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  His name is Rutilio Ortiz.  Last night he accepted a baptismal date for the first weekend in November!  He says that he believes everything we tell him and he likes our church.  The only problem is that he's moving to Iztapaluca at the end of November, so we're going to see if we can help him gain a testimony here, and maybe get baptized with us, then we'll send his records there so they can go help him get right into it there without losing a beat.

I am loving it out here in the field!!!   Next Monday we've got transfers.  Then I've only got three transfers left.  The time is passing much too quickly.  

I Love You All So Much!!!  Have an Amazing Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Today we went to the Pyramids of Cuicuilco.  There are so many pyramids hidden all over the city.  I always love to go see them.  It just reminds me that the Book of Mormon is true and the people that lived in the Book of Mormon really lived here.  And there are so many testimonies of them.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Week's Email

September 5, 2016

This week was Fantastic! We have seen so many miracles in our area as we have been preparing to get down to some serious work this transfer. When I got to this area last week, I saw that we didn't have very many investigators to work with. So last week, we prayed and fasted that we would be able to find people to teach! And we have definitely seen the Lord's help this week!


First off, we dedicated almost a full afternoon to contacting people in the streets and through our contacting efforts, we got to know two great families that are very nice and that listened and chatted with us for a long while and that we can definitely continue visiting.


Then, for our weekly planning session last week, we got out the old Area Books and found all of the Teaching Records for past investigators. We then called up every old investigator that had come to church before. We were able to put about five appointments for this week through these Teaching Records.


Saturday night, we passed by the Bishop's house. We chatted a little bit, then I just asked him if there was anything we could do to help him or if there's any members of the ward that worry him that we could visit to strengthen or help. He then rattled off a list of about 15 families of the ward, in which not all of the family members are baptized that he said we could pass by to visit.


Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. The Bishop asked us if we could share our testimonies. So we did. I shared my testimony on the importance of missionary work, I told everyone that I am new to the ward and that I am super excited to get to know everyone and get to work with them to help and rescue our friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters. After sacrament meeting, everyone was so nice and came over to talk with us. We got several more references of people to go visit. After church, we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and the Ward Missionaries. They said that they had not had this meeting in several months, but that now they want to get back into the swing of things and have the meeting every week. We also set up times with the ward missionaries to have them come work with us.


It has been a really Great Week. I have loved getting to see the Lord's hand as he has helped us to get the work going in this area and as he has helped us to find the people that we have been praying to find.


I love this area! Elder Menendez is a super great missionary and a very hard worker. He's a great motivator and we're getting along very well. The District is going well and we're all getting down to work!


I love you all!


Elder Jarrett

Monday, September 5, 2016

Marvelous Missionary Miracles!!!

¡Mis Amados Amigos!

The first week back in the field was Amazing!!!  I'm definitely loving to be able to work like a normal missionary again.  This week was just Fantastic!!!  We have seen so many miracles in our area as we have been preparing to get down to some serious work this transfer.

When the last Elder left this area, he didn't leave us with very many investigators to work with.  So last week, we prayed and fasted that we would be able to find people to teach!  And now I feel like we have so much work to do, I don't even know where to start!!!

First off, my companion spent a few days helping me get to know the members of the ward.  We also dedicated almost a full afternoon to contacting people in the streets and through our contacting efforts, we got to know two great families that are very nice and that listened and chatted with us for a long while and that we can definitely continue visiting and getting to know better.

Then, for our weekly planning session last week, we got out the old Area Books and found all of the Teaching Records for past investigators.  We then called up every old investigator that had come to church before.  We were able to put about five appointments for this week through these old investigators.  

Saturday night, we passed by the Bishop's house.  We chatted a little bit, then I just asked him if there was anything we could do to help him with his responsabilities, anyone he knows that we could help or teach, or any members of the ward that worry him that we could visit to strengthen or help.  He then rattled off a list of about 15 families of the ward, where not all of the family members are baptized that he said we could pass by to visit.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting.  The Bishop asked us if we could share our testimonies.  So we did.  I shared my testimony on the importance of missionary work, I told everyone that I am new to the ward and that I am super excited to get to know everyone and get to work with them to help and rescue our friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters.  After sacrament meeting, everyone was so nice and came over to talk with us.  We got several more references of people to go visit.  After church, we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and the Ward Missionaries.  They said that they had not had this meeting in several months, but that now they want to get back into the swing of things and have the meeting every week.  We also set up times with the ward missionaries to have them come work with us.

It has been a really Special Week. I have loved getting to see the Lord's hand as he has helped us to get the work going in this area and as he has helped us to find the people that we have been praying to find.  I know that he hears and answers our prayers and he has a plan for each of us to learn and grow.  He won't let life flow by easily without difficulties, but he will strengthen us and help us as we get down and get to work.

I Love this area!  I love this ward!  Elder Menendez is super Awesome!  We're having a blast and working hard here in La Noria.  :)  

You Are All Fantastic!!!  Thanks for all you do for me!  I Love You!

Elder Jarrett

P.S.  My District has Elder Bojorquez and Elder Hale (the two of them got sent together to Chinampas from Estrella), the Zone Leaders here (Elder Bautista and Elder Vejo), and a trio of Sisters now in Xochimilco (Hermanas Morales Sol, Rossalino, and Lopez).

Friday, August 5, 2016

Fwd: House Mover Missionary

29 July 2016

¿Cómo están todos?

Well, this week we only got two days that we could teach people, but we got plenty of days to empty out the houses that we closed in the transfers.  So it was still a busy, productive week.
Here's a rundown of my week:
Sat-  I spent all morning and until 5 in the afternoon with an Elder from our mission looking for a medicine that he has to have.  There was only one location that had that medicine and it was outside of the mission.  So I got permission and we went all the way there, ran to three of the pharmacies´ locations and finally in the third store, we found the medicine.  When we finally got back to the Mission Offices at 5, I had to eat really quick, then we rushed to a House in Narvarte to empty out, clean, and end the contract. 
Sun- Alejandro came to church!  We had quit visiting him a few weeks ago because he wasn't really showing any desire to get baptized and there wasn't anything else that we could do for him to help him progress.  Then Sunday, he came!  So that shows that he does still does
Mon-  It was the Bank of America's close of month, so I had to get all of our finances for the month in zeros (or all reported and accounted for).  Then in the afternoon, we went to close the house in Rosal.
Tues- All afternoon, we went to Meyehualco to close the house in Juarez.
Wed-  We finally got an afternoon to work in our area!  We taught Alejandro.  It's hard to teach him because he likes to question Every little Thing.  We taught the Plan of Salvation because he had questions about the Dinosaurs and Evolution and the Big Bang and we said we wouldn't answer his questions but that we'd teach the Plan of Salvation to help him find his own answer.  Before we really got into anything, we got to the point of Agency and he fought with us for about half an hour on how Bad is good because it can teach other people, which is good.  We explained that although Bad is necessary, Bad is still bad.  Then he argued.  We tried to change the topic then he just brought up other questions and it just went on and on.  So it's hard.
Thu-  We closed the houses in Escuadron and Espartaco all afternoon.
Fri-  Today!  P-day!  But hardly a P-day!  We had to come to the offices early to meet a man to help some missionaries get their Visas so that they can go to their missions.  Then just as he was finishing up, Elder Chavez got a call that he had to go to Polanco to the Consulate to get some forms for missionaries´ Green Cards.  So I stayed here working on finances while Elder Chavez left with Elder Tanner.  They got back around 2:30 or 3:00, we ran to eat lunch, and now we're just finishing up writing.

So a pretty crazy and busy week, but I'm loving it!  Sometimes I feel a little tired of being in the Offices.  This week I felt like I especially lost my patience a few times.  But imagine 6 months of your phone constantly ringing, and every time you answer it, someone asks you about money.  They say that they don't have money and they need more, or they just want to check to see if you reimbursed them more money, or they call to see if they have money in their accounts yet.  And they're always disappointed if they don't get their money immediately and if they don't get as much as they want.  Sometimes, I just get sick of talking about money 24/7.  But the thing that I've learned from all of this is that we can't build our lives upon money.  Money always runs out and you are always going to want more money.  That's why it's so important that we put something of more importance as the focus of our lives.  Like the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Instead of turning us towards greed, and towards ourselves, and our problems, and our needs, and our wants, the Gospel does the exact opposite.  The gospel turns us outwards.  To look towards others, to look at their needs.  To look at our family, at our unity, at love, and service, and a care and love of all man.  It brings us peace.  It brings us joy.  It brings us a sense of real satisfaction that lasts longer than what it would take to spend.  It turns us to forgive others and seek for ways to improve ourselves.  It doesn't hold grudges or debts.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Elder Jarrett

A picture of us emptying out a house this week!  

Also check Elder McClure's blog at elderrileymcclure.blogspot.com to see another picture of me with my Zone Leaders!

Friday, July 22, 2016

More Pictures

1-  Taking all of the Missionaries to the Airport.  My selfie failed, but there's a tiny bit of my head on the right side of the picture.  :)

2- Saying goodbye to Elder Sorenson in the Airport.


Sorry, the first two pictures were of my two Zone Leaders, Elder Stout and Elder McClure and then them and my companions and I, Elder Chavez and Elder Tanner.

These two pictures are:
1-  It's rainy season here in Mexico City.  For the past few weeks and until now, every single afternoon, it turns into a downpour.  The streets turn into lakes and the water drainage that comes off of the roofs becomes a river.

2-  After a District Meeting about Goals.

Transfer Week


Well, just as predicted, this was another crazy transfer week.  Lots of running around.  Little sleep.  Just how I like it.  :)

Well, there's not too much to say.  Elder Sorenson is now back in good ol' Hyde Park, Utah.  It was sad to say goodbye to him and all the other great missionaries like him that left this week.  Elder Chavez and I continue to be in a trio.  Elder Tanner, from Mesa, Arizona, is the new Secretary of Materials and References.  

I got a new zone leader this transfer and it's Elder McClure!  You remember him?  He was with me in Jardines de Iztapalapa when I started my mission, then he was my District Leader in Ajusco, and now he's here with me in the Churubusco Stake.  So that's fun to be with him again too!

This change I started thinking, wow, all of the leaders have really little time in the mission.  Then I realized that they only have a transfer or two more than me!  Then I realized that now, the majority of the missionaries appear to me to have little time in the mission!  So I guess that's part of enjoying the mission, you lose track of time and soon realize that you have to use every second in the mission because it passes way too quickly!!!  :O

I love you all!  I'm going to try and send you some good pictures today, so watch for more emails to come!  Have a great week!

Elder Jarrett


Friday, July 15, 2016

Ending off the Transfer on an Excellent Note

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, I don't have tons of time to write this week, but I'll try to get all of the highlights covered.

This week was the last week of another transfer!  It's crazy how fast they're flying by!  Next week, us secretaries are going to be super busy with all of the normal stuff for the changes.  We'll be going to the MTC, have a new missionary training, going to the airport a few different times, and all of those that go stay in our house for their last two nights so we'll be organizing and cleaning this weekend to prepare for them and next weekend to clean up after all that they leave.  :)  

The biggest highlight of this week was definitely Tuesday.
Tuesday was one of the best days of my entire mission!!!  It all got off to a great start with our District Meeting.  I always put a lot of thought, prayer, and preparation for our District Meetings.  This week, I felt that we should just have a Testimony Meeting with our District.  In every companionship of our District, there is one missionary that is now finishing their missions here and will be leaving next week.  So we had a Testimony Meeting that was super powerful!!!  A testimony is a powerful thing.  It changes our lives, and if we share it, it can change the lives of others.  That's the reason that Satan fights so hard to convince us to keep our mouths shut, because he knows the power of a sincere testimony.  I shared with the District that being able to share our testimony every day and in every moment is one of the greatest blessings and privileges that we have as missionaries.  After lunch that day, Elder Chavez and I went looking for some Less-Actives and References that we have received, but we also wanted to contact lots of people in the streets (because we don't really have any investigators anymore).  It was Awesome because Every Person and Family that we talked to in the streets was willing to listen to us and chat with us for 5-10 minutes and they all wanted to listen to us!  All of them except one wanted us to come back another day so that we can talk more!!!  Street contacting is normally hard because it usually seems like no one wants to listen to us or they reject us or ignore us or blow us off!!!  Tuesday was Incredible because we were able to share our sincere, humble testimonies with Everyone and we could see it touch their hearts and accept us and our message!!!

Well, that's it for this week!!  I Love You All!

Elder Jarrett

A picture of our District

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sorry, here's the photo of the six of us.

More Pics!

We also went to the Airport this week to drop off Elder Da Silva, our mission's only Brazilian elder, off now that he's finished his mission. 

The six missionaries that are in the Coyoacan ward.  Elder Tanner just became a part of our companionship this week as he's going to replace Elder Sorenson when he leaves the mission in one more week!  

Elder Jarrett

Part of Our Work as Secretaries

Emptying things out of an apartment that we closed.  The  apartment was on the sixth floor.

Friday, July 1, 2016


June 24, 2016

Fantastic Family and Friends!

¿Como estan?  It sounds like there's lots of Summer Fun in Utah!  All is well down here in Mexico!

This week, we've hardly gotten to have any lessons.  We've spent a lot of time in the offices.  One hard thing about being in a trio of secretaries is that if one of us doesn't have work in the offices, another one does.  So every morning and every afternoon we're running around to get something done.  Today was the Financial End of Month, so all week I've been getting everything ready for that.  But I just finished!  Yay!!!  Now I can relax for another month!  :)

The highlight of this last week is definitely the baptism of Azul last Saturday.  This baptism was one of the best moments of my entire life.  You may think, "Why? She wasn't even your investigator."  And I'm not sure exactly why, but after interviewing her and knowing all that she had done to prepare herself, and then to enter the baptismal font myself with her and baptize her.  I just left feeling very happy and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a worthy holder of the priesthood and for the Restored Gospel in our lives.  After her baptism, she got the chance to share her testimony.  She told us that about a year ago, about the time that she had her baby, even though she felt older and entering a new phase of life, she began to feel alone and empty.  A few months later, a problem occurred and she went to a park, and sat on a bench, alone, and cried.  She asked for a purpose in life because she felt like she didn't have one.  A few months later, the sister missionaries passed by and invited her to be baptized.  She said no.  When they taught the Plan of Salvation in a later lesson, they testified that there is a purpose for why we're here on Earth, and that this purpose was created long before.  In this moment, she felt a loving, fatherly hug. "Like the hug that a father gives to his daughter when she has fallen down."  In this moment, she knew that she wanted to be baptized.  It was super special hearing her testimony.  She started to cry and many of us did too.

The only other big thing from this week was a Zone Conference on Tuesday.  Zone Conferences are always so powerful!  I love to hear the wisdom and experiences of President and Sister Mecham.  (Probably because it reminds me of the wisdom and experiences of Mom and Dad).  At the beginning of the Conference, the Assistants chose three companionships to teach a lesson in front of the whole zone, like what we all had to do in the last zone conferences.  We weren't one of these three companionships chosen, and then they continued teaching new topics.  And I sighed a sigh of relief because I had a feeling that I would be chosen on.  :)  Then when President was finishing up his words, he said, "Okay, Elder Jarrett and Elder Chavez, now I want you two to teach, but this time the investigator is going to say no to being baptized.  I want to see how you respond and what you do to finish the lesson."  :D  Haha, so my feelings were right.  And we were given a harder scenario than the others.  :)  So we passed to the middle of the circle and began to teach.  I feel like our lesson was very guided by the Spirit.  The words just came came out my mouth without me really thinking about them and as I heard them, I thought that they were exactly what the investigator needed. It was another awesome experience.  


Elder Jarrett

Photos:  Azul's baptism and me with my first authentic Mexico City Quesadilla (which don't have cheese)

P.S.  Last week, we didn't have internet in the offices, so I grabbed a Book of Mormon in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Japanese.  I felt like the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French were practically the same, so I was intrigued by the Japanese.  I studied the first page for a while and noticed with symbols were repeated most and the order in which they were placed and I learned how to spell "Nephi" and I learned how the punctuation works and everything.  Then I was talking to a member in our ward who knows Japanese and I learned a little bit more.  Then he told me that German is really similar to English, and I didn't believe him.  So I printed off the first page of the Book of Mormon in German and I began to study that.  And it's true.  It is similar.  So I began to study that.  So that's what I do when I get bored in the offices.  :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fwd: Good luck on the mission field!


I just got this email from my CCM Branch President from when I ran into him a few weeks ago close to our Mission Offices!! :D


Elder Jarrett

It was nice to see you too! I live in a city of 25 million people, and finding you was a tender mercy. 

Here is the picture. Enjoy your mission!

With affection,
Presidente Suárez. 

Fwd: Good luck on the mission field!

I just got this email from my CCM Branch President from when I ran into him a few weeks ago close to our Mission Offices!! :D


Elder Jarrett

It was nice to see you too! I live in a city of 25 million people, and finding you was a tender mercy. 

Here is the picture. Enjoy your mission!

With affection,
Presidente Suárez. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Que tal mis amigos?




The biggest news of this week is probably about the transfers.  They were pretty crazy.  Two of the four secretaries left (Elder Mayoral and Elder Merida) and instead of putting in two new secretaries to come in on Mondays and Tuesdays, they gave us one missionary as his replacement that will come in every day and is now in a trio with Elder Chavez and I.  And the replacement... Elder Sorenson from good ol´ Hyde Park, Utah!  So that's fun!  Who would have guessed that more than just having a good friend in the same mission, that we would become companions?  :)  And in his very last transfer before he finishes the mission.

Well, it's been a week without sleep.  Lots of preparation for transfers, training the newcomers, and saying farewell to those headed out.  

Monday we had to leave at 4 am to go to the CCM and get the new missionaries, then do their training meeting.  Afterwards, we had transfers and everyone was coming in to the offices asking about money and houses and reimbursements and lost bank cards and so many things, it was crazy.  That night we went to put everything in order for two new houses that we had to rent for two new areas that were opened in the transfers.


Wednesday we spent the whole day making trips to the airport.  We left at 3:30 in the morning.  Then went, dropped them all off, came back, picked up the next group, and went to the airport again.  We made three trips to the airport, getting back from the final trip at 8:00 pm.  So literally all day spent in the airport.  But it was Awesome because we got to spend all day with President and Sister Mecham and hear their wise advice and life stories.  But it's always sad to say goodbye to so many missionaries that one has come to know and love.  Elder Galindo (my companion in Ajusco), Elder Harrison and Elder Crocket (the two Assistants), Elder Best and Elder Teerlink (two missionaries that I met almost in the beginning of my mission), and others all went home.  The good thing about the mission is that things are constantly changing, and we learn to live with change, because it's a very real part of life.  Even though we might want things to stay the same because it's comfortable, life isn't like that.  It's dynamic and always changing.  But it's good because we really grow and learn most when we do get out of our comfort zone and embrace change.

We haven't had internet in the offices all week, which makes it hard to get everything done that we need to.  Yesterday we were promised by TelMex that someone was going to come and fix it, so we waited in the offices, hoping to write yesterday, but the repairman never came.  So we ran to an internet ciber to write home, but they didn't have enough computers available for the three of us, so that's why I'm writing today.

Last night, I did a baptismal interview for a sister that is being taught by the sisters in my district in Tasqueña.  After finishing the interview, the sister asked me if I would baptize her.  So next Saturday I will get the wonderful opportunity to do so and I'm so happy and so excited for it!  Baptisms are the Best!




Elder Jarrett

Friday, May 27, 2016

My District!

Here's my District!  My companion Elder Chavez and I, the Assistants, and two Sister Missionaries that work in Tasqueña.

Elder Jarrett


Every day in the mission, you see so many miracles.  But I believe that the biggest miracle that one can witness is when people go through the entire process of changing their habits, their beliefs, their circle of friends, really Everything they are accustomed to and they are really willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING because they know that the church is true and they are willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.

Last Saturday we had Lizeth's baptism.  It was Awesome!  It also felt really strange to see someone that I've been teaching for so many months finally make the commitment that will last for eternity.  It was an Amazing feeling!  I'm So Happy for her!!! :D

I Love You All!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Foto!!! :D

Our trip to GranSur (a mall) today as secretaries. :D

New Map of the Mission


Not that these are that exciting, but these are the new maps of the mission because in January, we got an another stake (Meyehualco).

Elder Jarrett

Friday, May 20, 2016

Miracles in Mexico!


Well, definitely the biggest news of this week is that tomorrow is Lizet's baptism!!!  Woohoo!!! :D  

Lots of preparations to make to help make tomorrow super special for Lizet!  (I'm practicing the Primary song about baptism on the guitar because I might sing that tomorrow as a special musical number.)  Then the talks to prepare, the paperwork, invite everyone...
Sunday, Lizet was sick and didn't come to church.  We didn't know that she was sick and we were sitting in church really worried about her and wondering if the baptism would still be this Saturday.  Monday we passed by to check up on her and she told us that she had been sick.  We told her that the decision was up to her to choose the day of her baptism and she told us that she felt ready and wanted to do it this Saturday.  So tomorrow will be it!

Other exciting news:
On Monday, I was walking through the Metro Station of Tasqueña to get to the buses (like we do every day) and then I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and saw my MTC Branch President, President Suarez!  It was so good to see him!  We chatted for a few minutes and I found out that he's still in a branch presidency in the MTC and he works close to Metro Tasqueña (where our offices are).  It made me so happy to see him and even happier that he remembered me!  :)

Tuesday we had a zone conference.  It was really good!!!  We improved the way that we teach by like 1000x in comparison to what we were doing before.  And me and Elder Chavez gave the final demonstration of the conference  in front of everyone and President Mecham just came over to us and gave us a hug and told us that we did Excellent.  Then he said that the Zone Conference could now be ended.

Yesterday I saw some members from Jardines de Ermita too!  They were driving by, then stopped to chat and gave us a ride to our next appointment!

I see so Many Miracles Every Day!!!  I know that God Lives and he watches us and cares for us!!!  Sorry, that's all the time I've got today.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Until next week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Mas Fotos!!!

Other Old Photos.  The family of the Bishop and of the first counselor in the ward.

Elder Jarrett

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Another crazy week that flew by soooo fast!!!  I Loved being able see everyone in the Mother's Day Skype and to hear that everyone's doing well!!!  It was Awesome!!!  I Love You All!!!

It´s crazy how fast the time flies here in the offices.  I was thinking the other day that I'm almost going to complete 6 months in the ward of Coyoacan.  When I almost had six months in Ajusco, I was feeling like I had a lot of time there and getting close to the time in which I left, I was feeling like it was my time to go.  But in this ward, I feel like I just arrived! 

Sunday, I got to talk in church.  We got assigned topics from the Mexico Area Plan that the General Authorities made for Mexico this year.  I got the choice to choose to talk about either Tithing or Fasting/Fast Offerings.  I thought, "well, I know of lots of scriptures that talk about Fasting/Fast Offerings"  but I know very few about Tithing.  So I felt up to the challenge, and I chose to talk about that.  I feel like it went really well!!  I'm always amazed at how much the Spirit helps us to know what to say.  
I started off:  Will a man rob God? (Pause for suspense.  :)  )  Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.  (Malachi 3:8)
Then I told them, "today I hope to help you see the importance of tithing and answer any questions that you may have about it."  Then I read some quotes from True to the Faith and Our Search For Happiness along with other scriptures and my personal testimony.  Afterwards, I had some people ask me where they could find the quotes that I had read because they had never known about how the tithing money was spent (going to a council of the First Presidency, the Quorum of the 12, and the Presiding Bishopric) and/or other things that I had mentioned.  

The rest of the week, we have spent running all over the mission to fix things.  Elder Lovo left Elder Chavez a ton of houses that need work of renewing contracts or emptying out the houses and closing the house.  
Monday - There were Special Transfers.  I had to help take some missionaries to Tlaltenco.  That night, we did interchanges so that my comp could go empty out a house while I went to our area with one of the Assistants (Elder Crocket) to get one lesson in with Lizet.  We had two missionaries stay at our house that night that were going home the next day.
Tuesday -  We went to empty out a house in Xochimilco and end everything with the owners.  All that afternoon we were in the offices working because my comp had some paperwork to do.
Wednesday - We had interchanges with the Zone Leaders, but it turned into a crazy three-way interchange while one companionship went to empty out a house, another went to renew a contract for another house, and I got to teach one lesson to Reyna then I had to come back to the offices to fix some money issues.
Thursday - I went to the airport early in the morning to take a missionary that was going home early.  That afternoon we had a lesson with Alejandro, then ran to Progresista to renew another contract for the house there.

So it's been a crazy week.

But the Great News:
Lizet is getting baptized next week on Saturday!!!
And Alejandro the Saturday after that!!!


I am so very happy for them and for the progress that they have shown!  Alejandro has been working so hard to get his life turned around and this week he completed three weeks without smoking, so he decided that he is ready to put a baptismal date!!!

I know that the Lord has blessed us immensely with his help so that we could baptize even though we can't work in the area as much as we'd like.


Elder Jarrett

Friday, April 29, 2016

Whew!  What a crazy week!

Monday -  Elder Lovo and I left for the CCM at 3 or 4 in the morning to pick up the new missionaries!  I was so excited because I thought that I would never get to go back inside the CCM.  It was Awesome to see it again and see the new missionaries with the frightened look on their faces and remember how I was just in their shoes and to ponder on the great eternal scheme of things and the progression that one experiences in life.
After we got them, we took them back to the house and gave them breakfast and chatted for a little bit.  Then the President arrived to take the Sisters to his house and we gave the Elders the chance to sleep a little at our house.  
At noon, we had a training for them, where I talked about finances and the President talked about goals and obedience.
That afternoon, we had the transfers here in Tasqueña for the whole mission.  I received a new companion, Elder Chavez from Monterrey, Mexico.  Elder Lovo is going to Ermita as a Zone Leader.  I'm the new District Leader for the district here.  This week the three of us have stayed in a trio so that Elder Lovo could train Elder Chavez how to be a secretary.
That night all of the missionaries who were going home stayed in our house.

Tuesday- I gave a district meeting on the importance of each of us having goals.

Wednesday- We left for the airport with all the missionaries that were going home at 3:30am and stayed there until about noon.  It's an Awesome experience to spend time with the missionaries that are going home and learn from them.  I got super sick from something I ate, so I had to wait in line with the missionaries to help them check in their luggage, then I would run to the bathroom.  Then do it again.

Thursday - Our stake had a super fun activity.  A priest quorum from Salt Lake City had an activity to come down here to Mexico City for a week and have a little missionary experience.  So we went on divisions with the priests and their leaders!  It was super cool because they got a real authentic experience!  I went with one of the leaders (Bro. Ofar) that didn't speak a word of English.  The first house we went to, the wife just started yelling about how she hates her husband and all that he does and that he's a drunk and beats their children and swears and that she doesn't go to church because her husband is a member and he acts like he does.  (And the husband was standing right next to her during all of this).  Then we walked around the streets and visited some other members.  Then we went to the lunch at a member's house and they gave us one of the most authentic Mexican foods there is, Chicharon en salsa verde (fried pig skin that gets its moisture back in it through salsa).  This adult with me and the young man with the other elders tried a tiny bit and said that they couldn't do it.  It was fun to remember that I was the same way the first time I ate that but that now it's something normal for me.

Lizet is going to get baptized the 14th of May.

It's also been super crazy week in the offices.   It was the end of month.  Everyone's also been calling me about their rent, their money, their reimbursements.   And sometimes they argue and things get frustrating.  But I'm loving every second of it!!!

Have a Wonderful Week!!!!  I Love you all!!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Photos! :D

On Sunday the 17th, we did an Area Attack in the area of Educacion, so the whole zone went to one area to work for a few hours.  Here´s my group!  :D

Friday, April 22, 2016

Visit from President L. Whitney Clayton

Buenas tardes a todos (Good afternoon Everyone)!

I'm not really sure what new things there are to tell you about this week.  I feel like ever since I got put in the offices, the time is flying by incredibly fast!!!  The weeks feel like a day long!  Crazy!  

Well,  Saturday we got a visit from President L. Whitney Clayton (president of the quorum of the seventy) and he was also accompanied by Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela (from the first quorum of the seventy).  The conference went by way too quickly, but it was super good.  Something I loved is that Elder Clayton would teach us simple, small things that we need to do.  They're the simple things like kneeling at the end of the first lesson and inviting the head of the family to offer the prayer.  After teaching a principle, he would ask us "Have you been doing that in all of your lessons?"  We'd say "No".  He'd say, "So are there Sinners here?"  We'd all say "Yes".  Then he'd say "So what do you have to do?"  Then we'd say "Repent".  "So will you do it?"  "Yes".  Then he'd teach a new principle and repeat the same thing.  

He kept telling us that we were really good, but that we can be even better.  I was thinking that really that's what the gospel's all about in a nutshell.  We are surrounded by millions of people.  I imagine that each one of them is a really good person, but with the gospel, they can become even better (and they can also receive the eternal blessings that come with it).  Also it was a great reminder that the small, simple things are the easiest things to do, and also the easiest things to stop doing.  Perhaps for this they are the most important that we strive to keep doing them.  

Other than that visit, this week we've just been working in the offices and working in the area like normal.  This Monday are transfers.  But we all just got here to the offices, so nothing too big for us.  

Photo:  For the first time ever, our whole mission got to be together.  So we got a photo of the whole mission with Elder Valenzuela and President Clayton.  Here's a fun Where's Waldo (Elder Jarrett) game for ya.  :)

I Love You All!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Nosotros en las Oficinas

The four Secretaries!!!  

The four of us are also living in the same house now, because the other two had some problems with their old house, so they moved in with us two weeks ago!!!  We're all super tight!!!  

Friday, April 15, 2016


Super short email for this week!!

The miracles continue to happen every day.  The investigators continue to progress towards baptism.  My love for this gospel and for our Savior and my testimony and knowledge of their existence and truthfulness continues to grow every single day!!!

Tomorrow we get a visit from Elder L. Whitney Clayton to our mission and we have a 4 hour conference with him!!!  It will be Awesome!!!  They say that Elder Oaks is also in the mission and that he's staying with President Mecham tonight, so maybe he'll come tomorrow too!!!  I´m so Excited!!!


Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Fotos 2

Fwd: Fotos

Birthday lunch of my companion on Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Gift of Tongues and the Gift of Hands?


The Gift of Tongues and the Gift of Hands?
I don't remember if I ever mentioned to you guys much about our investigator named Lizet.  She is an 11-year-old girl that comes from a family of less-active members.  I've only ever met her dad two times, but she's always with her grandparents.  Something interesting about her grandparents and many of her aunts, uncles, and cousins is that they can't talk or hear so they communicate with sign language.  We've always asked a Sister that knows sign language to accompany us to the lessons and translate for them (that was fun because when I first arrived with Elder Davies, he couldn't talk much Spanish, so he would tell me something in English, I would then tell it to the Sister in Spanish and she would say it to them in Sign Language :D  ).

Lizet has put a baptismal date several times before but they always fall because for some reason or another, she hasn't been able to keep coming to church.  For example, about a month ago, she had a baptismal date, but then she got really sick for like a week and had to miss church and couldn't meet with us and thus, couldn't get baptized.  So finally about two weeks ago, we got back in contact with her and started visiting her and we challenged her to pick a new baptismal date. 

Sunday afternoon I was on interchanges with Elder Harrison (The Assistant, lives in the same house as us and we do interchanges together a lot) and we passed by to visit her.  We didn't have the translating Sister there with us, so when they answered the door and I tried to motion towards the house and communicate that we wanted to visit Lizet.  Then Elder Harrison just starting signing a bunch of things to her.  I asked him how he learned Sign Language and he told me that he once taught a family like them.  So we taught the lesson and he was able to translate everything.  That inspired me to learn more than just the Hello, How are you?,  Good, Thank You, and Can we do a Prayer that I had known how to say.  Right after that lesson, I asked Elder Harrison to teach me, and I learned and memorized the whole alphabet and many other useful signs.  And it just stuck!   I feel like I was able to learn it all really quickly, as if I had already known it before.  Then I realized that  I was being blessed in my efforts of learning Sign Language.  I realized then that the Gift of Tongues was extending even further so that I am able to share the gospel with this family!  I am so grateful for the talents, abilities, gifts, and knowledge that the Lord blesses us with as missionaries so that we might become even greater instruments in His hands.  

Lizet told us that she has prayed and talked with her grandparents and her parents and that she feels that she should be baptized the 23 of April (in two weeks)!  I'm so Excited for her!

Alejandro -  He is still progressing a lot.  He's the 22 year old that we found recently. He continues to come to church, to learn more about the gospel and leave behind his old way of life, and to build friendships with other members.   He has told us that he wants to get baptized and he's thinking about the 23rd or 30th of this month!!!  He has been one of the finest examples of a Golden Investigator that I have seen, never missing a week of church since we started visiting him and always willing to visit us very frequently.
Reyna - We've been visiting her since I got here in Coyoacan.  She got really close to baptism, then she decided that she wants to read more of the Book of Mormon before she gets baptized.  Then she kind of lost contact with us and quit going to church.  But just recently we found her again.  And we decided to start inviting her husband to listen to us too.  She always told us that her husband doesn't like religion and wouldn't want to hear from us and all that. But we invited him to hear us anyway.  And together, they came to General Conference on Sunday!  I'm so happy because I feel like now, the both of them can inspire and motivate the other and that they can progress together!

The Offices
The Offices are good, just very different.  It's still missionary work, but a different kind of work that someone's got to do.  It's been hard to adjust to not being able to teach so much.  We get to work about 4 hours a day in our area.  But I love what Brother McKenna sent me
"In all that we do, I really believe what the Lord said: "Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual" (D&C 29:34).  We live in a temporal world where we deal with things like money and balancing ledgers, etc., but everything we do can be made into a spiritual work that leads us and others to Christ.  And you are definitely doing that in all the spiritual and temporal duties you are fulfilling as a missionary."
That helped me out a lot.  And I feel like it's very true!  Although I might not be out there teaching, I'm helping the cause of missionary work through helping the other missionaries to have what they need (rent for a house and utilites, money for food and transportation, medical care, etc) so that the mission can keep working properly and everything can run smoothly.  

General Conference
General Conference was Amazing (as always)!!!  I especially loved the Priesthood Session, but all of the sessions were Awesome.  We went to the Stake Center in Tasqueña to watch the sessions.  I watched all of the sessions in English except for the Sunday morning one, because we had several investigators and members that came to watch it.  The church is true and the leaders of the Church really are men chosen by God to lead it!

Have a Wonderful Week!!! I Love You All!!!

Elder Jarrett

Friday, March 25, 2016



Just some quick facts about Easter in Mexico:  Here Easter is called the Pascua.  And they have nothing like a bunny that leaves candy hidden in eggs for little kids to find.  The week before the Pascua they have the Semana Santa (the Holy Week).  During this week, the kids don't go to school, and banks are closed and everything.  In Iztapalapa, they do a ceremony of the last week of Christ's life in which one "lucky" man is chosen to haul a big timber on his shoulders through town, dressed in clothes like ancient Jerusalem, and he has to haul it up a hill where they then put him on the cross.  In Iztapalapa, he doesn't actually die, but apparently this celebration is done throughout various places of Central America and South America and in some places, the person really is crucified.  It's different, no?

This week has been crazy busy!!!

First off,  I have spent a ton of time in the offices this week, because today is the End of the Month, so all of the missions money has to be "zeroed out"  (AKA all reported for and all the excess funds deposited back into the bank).  I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing to prepare for it, so when the old Financial Secretary came by on Monday, he told me that it looked like a mess.  Yesterday he told me that this was the worst End of Month he had ever seen.  And it was horrible.  Yesterday I had to spend all day here in the Offices working and today I had to work from this morning until about 3:30 to finish it.  But it's done!  Whew!  The thing is that with every single little thing that the mission buys (with credit card or cash), I have to allocate it to an account of the church, go to the company and receive an invoice, then I have to upload the receipt and the invoice and then put an explanation of the purchase and send the invoices to the bank and to the church.  It might not sound like much, but when you have to do it for tons of purchases, it all builds up on you.  At the end is a picture of how many facturas I had on my desktop at the end of the week.   

I also had to go to the airport on Tuesday and again on Wednesday to drop off two missionaries.  One was a temporary missionary of our mission that just got his Visa so he's now going to his mission in Reno, Nevada.  The other was really sick, so he had to go home.  We always have to leave our house like at 3 in the morning to go to the airport, so it makes us really tired afterwards.  
This Tuesday, Sister Mecham came out of President´s office and said "Elder Jarrett, we need your help right now".  I entered the office and President told me that he just received an email that President L. Whitney Clayton (the President of the Quorum of the 70) is going to come to our mission on April 16, 2016 and we had to fill out an agenda of the program on the spot.  So President planned it right there and told me about it and I typed it all up.    But that is going to be Sweet!!!!

Well, sorry, a little boring, but that's it for this week!  We are SO Blessed!!!   I Love You All!!! Take care!  

Elder Jarrett

Photos: Scorpions in Mexico

A scorpion we found right outside our front door a few weeks ago.

Friday, March 18, 2016

What an Adventure!

18 March 2016

Well just a few days here in the offices and I can already tell what an Adventure this will be!  

Monday (the afternoon) - We had the transfers. Elder Davies went to Pedregal, the ward right next to ours and that meets in the same building as us, and with Elder Peterson, the old financial secretary!  So although I was super sad to say goodbye to him being my companion, I am super happy that we will get to continue seeing each other often.
That night the missionaries that were leaving all came and stayed at the Casa Amarilla.  They didn't sleep at all that night and were laughing and shouting so much that none of the rest of us could get any sleep either.

Tuesday - I came to work at the Offices for my first day.  It felt weird and I wasn't quite sure exactly what to do, I just knew that I had a lot to do.  So it was a little stressful, but not too bad.  Then that afternoon right after the food, my companion and I had to go to San Pedro (close to Ajusco) to find a new house for the missionaries there.  We found a house and had to go tell their current owner that we are not going to renew the contract on the first house.  As we were riding back, I realized that a lot of the time we use as Office Missionaries is spent resolving everyone else's problems so that they can work in their areas without any concerns, but we don't spend as much time in our areas.  Even though we only spend half the day in the offices, the other half, we still run errands and receive phone calls for help and all that good stuff.
Again that night, we had the missionaries that were leaving in our house and they did a cookout of carne asada.  We hardly didn't sleep either because we had to leave for the airport at 3:30am, so I was so, so tired.

Wednesday - That morning, President Mecham and his wife came and picked up all the missionaries.  I had to go because I have one of the mission credit cards so I can pay for their luggage and everything.  So I rode there with Sister Mecham and the Assistants.  Then we waited at the airport until about 8:00, when the last missionary left, and then I came back with President Mecham and Elder Lovo.  (Apparently on the way back, I fell asleep and started snoring really loudly and President started laughing, so that's super embarrassing.  :)  ).   President Mecham told us that we could rest a little bit, so we had just gotten in our house and laid down to rest when we got a call that one of the Elders missed their flight.  So Sister Mecham came back and picked us up and we went back to the airport and bought him another plane ticket.  Sister Mecham doesn't talk Spanish, so I also act as her translator.  (Quick story - I had to act as a translator for Elder Davies too.  When he went to the hospital, I had to translate everything between him and the doctors.  Then one night, Elder Davies said he heard me sleep-talking.  And I was sleep-talking in Spanish!  Crazy, huh?)
We went straight from there to the offices.  Afterwards, we had to go back to San Pedro to sign the contract on the new house we had just found.  Then we taught a quick lesson in our area and returned home.  Finally we got to rest well too.

Thursday - We went to work as normal in the offices all morning.  Then in our area all afternoon.  It was a very productive day!

Elder Lovo and I are getting along really well and I'm super excited for my new calling!  I'm learning a lot and helping a lot of missionaries too!  I do miss teaching more and studying more in the mornings like I used to, but this is the position that the Lord has given to me so I'm going to give my all to it!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Photos of my New Office

Until Next Week!!!