Saturday, June 11, 2016


Que tal mis amigos?




The biggest news of this week is probably about the transfers.  They were pretty crazy.  Two of the four secretaries left (Elder Mayoral and Elder Merida) and instead of putting in two new secretaries to come in on Mondays and Tuesdays, they gave us one missionary as his replacement that will come in every day and is now in a trio with Elder Chavez and I.  And the replacement... Elder Sorenson from good ol´ Hyde Park, Utah!  So that's fun!  Who would have guessed that more than just having a good friend in the same mission, that we would become companions?  :)  And in his very last transfer before he finishes the mission.

Well, it's been a week without sleep.  Lots of preparation for transfers, training the newcomers, and saying farewell to those headed out.  

Monday we had to leave at 4 am to go to the CCM and get the new missionaries, then do their training meeting.  Afterwards, we had transfers and everyone was coming in to the offices asking about money and houses and reimbursements and lost bank cards and so many things, it was crazy.  That night we went to put everything in order for two new houses that we had to rent for two new areas that were opened in the transfers.


Wednesday we spent the whole day making trips to the airport.  We left at 3:30 in the morning.  Then went, dropped them all off, came back, picked up the next group, and went to the airport again.  We made three trips to the airport, getting back from the final trip at 8:00 pm.  So literally all day spent in the airport.  But it was Awesome because we got to spend all day with President and Sister Mecham and hear their wise advice and life stories.  But it's always sad to say goodbye to so many missionaries that one has come to know and love.  Elder Galindo (my companion in Ajusco), Elder Harrison and Elder Crocket (the two Assistants), Elder Best and Elder Teerlink (two missionaries that I met almost in the beginning of my mission), and others all went home.  The good thing about the mission is that things are constantly changing, and we learn to live with change, because it's a very real part of life.  Even though we might want things to stay the same because it's comfortable, life isn't like that.  It's dynamic and always changing.  But it's good because we really grow and learn most when we do get out of our comfort zone and embrace change.

We haven't had internet in the offices all week, which makes it hard to get everything done that we need to.  Yesterday we were promised by TelMex that someone was going to come and fix it, so we waited in the offices, hoping to write yesterday, but the repairman never came.  So we ran to an internet ciber to write home, but they didn't have enough computers available for the three of us, so that's why I'm writing today.

Last night, I did a baptismal interview for a sister that is being taught by the sisters in my district in Tasqueña.  After finishing the interview, the sister asked me if I would baptize her.  So next Saturday I will get the wonderful opportunity to do so and I'm so happy and so excited for it!  Baptisms are the Best!




Elder Jarrett

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