Friday, May 27, 2016

My District!

Here's my District!  My companion Elder Chavez and I, the Assistants, and two Sister Missionaries that work in Tasqueña.

Elder Jarrett


Every day in the mission, you see so many miracles.  But I believe that the biggest miracle that one can witness is when people go through the entire process of changing their habits, their beliefs, their circle of friends, really Everything they are accustomed to and they are really willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING because they know that the church is true and they are willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.

Last Saturday we had Lizeth's baptism.  It was Awesome!  It also felt really strange to see someone that I've been teaching for so many months finally make the commitment that will last for eternity.  It was an Amazing feeling!  I'm So Happy for her!!! :D

I Love You All!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Foto!!! :D

Our trip to GranSur (a mall) today as secretaries. :D

New Map of the Mission


Not that these are that exciting, but these are the new maps of the mission because in January, we got an another stake (Meyehualco).

Elder Jarrett

Friday, May 20, 2016

Miracles in Mexico!


Well, definitely the biggest news of this week is that tomorrow is Lizet's baptism!!!  Woohoo!!! :D  

Lots of preparations to make to help make tomorrow super special for Lizet!  (I'm practicing the Primary song about baptism on the guitar because I might sing that tomorrow as a special musical number.)  Then the talks to prepare, the paperwork, invite everyone...
Sunday, Lizet was sick and didn't come to church.  We didn't know that she was sick and we were sitting in church really worried about her and wondering if the baptism would still be this Saturday.  Monday we passed by to check up on her and she told us that she had been sick.  We told her that the decision was up to her to choose the day of her baptism and she told us that she felt ready and wanted to do it this Saturday.  So tomorrow will be it!

Other exciting news:
On Monday, I was walking through the Metro Station of Tasqueña to get to the buses (like we do every day) and then I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and saw my MTC Branch President, President Suarez!  It was so good to see him!  We chatted for a few minutes and I found out that he's still in a branch presidency in the MTC and he works close to Metro Tasqueña (where our offices are).  It made me so happy to see him and even happier that he remembered me!  :)

Tuesday we had a zone conference.  It was really good!!!  We improved the way that we teach by like 1000x in comparison to what we were doing before.  And me and Elder Chavez gave the final demonstration of the conference  in front of everyone and President Mecham just came over to us and gave us a hug and told us that we did Excellent.  Then he said that the Zone Conference could now be ended.

Yesterday I saw some members from Jardines de Ermita too!  They were driving by, then stopped to chat and gave us a ride to our next appointment!

I see so Many Miracles Every Day!!!  I know that God Lives and he watches us and cares for us!!!  Sorry, that's all the time I've got today.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Until next week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Fwd: Mas Fotos!!!

Other Old Photos.  The family of the Bishop and of the first counselor in the ward.

Elder Jarrett

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Another crazy week that flew by soooo fast!!!  I Loved being able see everyone in the Mother's Day Skype and to hear that everyone's doing well!!!  It was Awesome!!!  I Love You All!!!

It´s crazy how fast the time flies here in the offices.  I was thinking the other day that I'm almost going to complete 6 months in the ward of Coyoacan.  When I almost had six months in Ajusco, I was feeling like I had a lot of time there and getting close to the time in which I left, I was feeling like it was my time to go.  But in this ward, I feel like I just arrived! 

Sunday, I got to talk in church.  We got assigned topics from the Mexico Area Plan that the General Authorities made for Mexico this year.  I got the choice to choose to talk about either Tithing or Fasting/Fast Offerings.  I thought, "well, I know of lots of scriptures that talk about Fasting/Fast Offerings"  but I know very few about Tithing.  So I felt up to the challenge, and I chose to talk about that.  I feel like it went really well!!  I'm always amazed at how much the Spirit helps us to know what to say.  
I started off:  Will a man rob God? (Pause for suspense.  :)  )  Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.  (Malachi 3:8)
Then I told them, "today I hope to help you see the importance of tithing and answer any questions that you may have about it."  Then I read some quotes from True to the Faith and Our Search For Happiness along with other scriptures and my personal testimony.  Afterwards, I had some people ask me where they could find the quotes that I had read because they had never known about how the tithing money was spent (going to a council of the First Presidency, the Quorum of the 12, and the Presiding Bishopric) and/or other things that I had mentioned.  

The rest of the week, we have spent running all over the mission to fix things.  Elder Lovo left Elder Chavez a ton of houses that need work of renewing contracts or emptying out the houses and closing the house.  
Monday - There were Special Transfers.  I had to help take some missionaries to Tlaltenco.  That night, we did interchanges so that my comp could go empty out a house while I went to our area with one of the Assistants (Elder Crocket) to get one lesson in with Lizet.  We had two missionaries stay at our house that night that were going home the next day.
Tuesday -  We went to empty out a house in Xochimilco and end everything with the owners.  All that afternoon we were in the offices working because my comp had some paperwork to do.
Wednesday - We had interchanges with the Zone Leaders, but it turned into a crazy three-way interchange while one companionship went to empty out a house, another went to renew a contract for another house, and I got to teach one lesson to Reyna then I had to come back to the offices to fix some money issues.
Thursday - I went to the airport early in the morning to take a missionary that was going home early.  That afternoon we had a lesson with Alejandro, then ran to Progresista to renew another contract for the house there.

So it's been a crazy week.

But the Great News:
Lizet is getting baptized next week on Saturday!!!
And Alejandro the Saturday after that!!!


I am so very happy for them and for the progress that they have shown!  Alejandro has been working so hard to get his life turned around and this week he completed three weeks without smoking, so he decided that he is ready to put a baptismal date!!!

I know that the Lord has blessed us immensely with his help so that we could baptize even though we can't work in the area as much as we'd like.


Elder Jarrett