Friday, July 22, 2016

Transfer Week


Well, just as predicted, this was another crazy transfer week.  Lots of running around.  Little sleep.  Just how I like it.  :)

Well, there's not too much to say.  Elder Sorenson is now back in good ol' Hyde Park, Utah.  It was sad to say goodbye to him and all the other great missionaries like him that left this week.  Elder Chavez and I continue to be in a trio.  Elder Tanner, from Mesa, Arizona, is the new Secretary of Materials and References.  

I got a new zone leader this transfer and it's Elder McClure!  You remember him?  He was with me in Jardines de Iztapalapa when I started my mission, then he was my District Leader in Ajusco, and now he's here with me in the Churubusco Stake.  So that's fun to be with him again too!

This change I started thinking, wow, all of the leaders have really little time in the mission.  Then I realized that they only have a transfer or two more than me!  Then I realized that now, the majority of the missionaries appear to me to have little time in the mission!  So I guess that's part of enjoying the mission, you lose track of time and soon realize that you have to use every second in the mission because it passes way too quickly!!!  :O

I love you all!  I'm going to try and send you some good pictures today, so watch for more emails to come!  Have a great week!

Elder Jarrett

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