Friday, April 29, 2016

Whew!  What a crazy week!

Monday -  Elder Lovo and I left for the CCM at 3 or 4 in the morning to pick up the new missionaries!  I was so excited because I thought that I would never get to go back inside the CCM.  It was Awesome to see it again and see the new missionaries with the frightened look on their faces and remember how I was just in their shoes and to ponder on the great eternal scheme of things and the progression that one experiences in life.
After we got them, we took them back to the house and gave them breakfast and chatted for a little bit.  Then the President arrived to take the Sisters to his house and we gave the Elders the chance to sleep a little at our house.  
At noon, we had a training for them, where I talked about finances and the President talked about goals and obedience.
That afternoon, we had the transfers here in Tasqueña for the whole mission.  I received a new companion, Elder Chavez from Monterrey, Mexico.  Elder Lovo is going to Ermita as a Zone Leader.  I'm the new District Leader for the district here.  This week the three of us have stayed in a trio so that Elder Lovo could train Elder Chavez how to be a secretary.
That night all of the missionaries who were going home stayed in our house.

Tuesday- I gave a district meeting on the importance of each of us having goals.

Wednesday- We left for the airport with all the missionaries that were going home at 3:30am and stayed there until about noon.  It's an Awesome experience to spend time with the missionaries that are going home and learn from them.  I got super sick from something I ate, so I had to wait in line with the missionaries to help them check in their luggage, then I would run to the bathroom.  Then do it again.

Thursday - Our stake had a super fun activity.  A priest quorum from Salt Lake City had an activity to come down here to Mexico City for a week and have a little missionary experience.  So we went on divisions with the priests and their leaders!  It was super cool because they got a real authentic experience!  I went with one of the leaders (Bro. Ofar) that didn't speak a word of English.  The first house we went to, the wife just started yelling about how she hates her husband and all that he does and that he's a drunk and beats their children and swears and that she doesn't go to church because her husband is a member and he acts like he does.  (And the husband was standing right next to her during all of this).  Then we walked around the streets and visited some other members.  Then we went to the lunch at a member's house and they gave us one of the most authentic Mexican foods there is, Chicharon en salsa verde (fried pig skin that gets its moisture back in it through salsa).  This adult with me and the young man with the other elders tried a tiny bit and said that they couldn't do it.  It was fun to remember that I was the same way the first time I ate that but that now it's something normal for me.

Lizet is going to get baptized the 14th of May.

It's also been super crazy week in the offices.   It was the end of month.  Everyone's also been calling me about their rent, their money, their reimbursements.   And sometimes they argue and things get frustrating.  But I'm loving every second of it!!!

Have a Wonderful Week!!!!  I Love you all!!!!

Elder Jarrett

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