Friday, February 17, 2017

First Week Back in the Offices

All of this week has been spent in Trainings.  Elder Martinez and I are both in our first Transfer as Assistants to the President and At the same time, we're Opening an Area in Cafetales (which has been closed for a transfer), so we have lots of work to do and so little time, but we're determined to work hard and we've already seen some of the miracles that God has blessed us with.  :D  Such as walking in the streets at the right moment and the right place to find our Ward Mission Leader that we'd never even met before and who lives on the whole other side of the ward boundaries.  That happened to us last night.  :D

Monday we were in the Transfers all day, making sure that the missionaries were all able to get to their new areas.  Then we talked with President for a little bit and greeted two new missionaries that arrived from the Provo MTC later in the afternoon.  Afterwards, Elder Martinez and I had to find our new house in Cafetales, where we're going to live this transfer, and get moved in.

Tuesday we went to a District Meeting and District Leader Training put on by the Zone Leaders in Culhuacan in the morning.  Then we got down and had a good Planning Session to see where we're going to start in the area.  We called a few members and finally we were able to find out who the bishop is and his phone number and we found a family that will help us out lots this week while we are getting to know the area.

Tuesday night we had to go to the Casa Amarilla to stay the night to leave for the Airport at 3:30am with the Missionaries going home.  I learned the whole airport process very well as Financial Secretary, so President sent me and Elder Martinez to the Airport terminal 1 to help the other missionaries that were going home while he stayed in the Terminal 2 to take care of the missionaries there.  Getting back from the airport, we had a Training for the Trainers and New Missionaries and a small Orientation for them.  Then a quick meeting with President, some Office Work, and then Elder Martinez went to rest because he had been throwing up and feeling sick all day.

Thursday we had a Meeting with all the District Leaders and Zone Leaders in the Mission then an Evaluation for those finishing the first 6 Weeks of their Training.  Then we went to our area to work.

Today we had another Evaluation for those finishing their 12 Week Training and we'll have our P-day today.  Then tomorrow we have a Stake Activity to go to with President in the Contreras Stake.

I feel like a Secretary again in the sense that I'm again in the administrative work of the mission more than the work of being out in the streets all day teaching.  But I'm Learning Tons from the stories and wisdom of President Mecham.  I am happy that we are trusted to make sure that things happen right - President tells us his desires and the things he wants done in the mission and it's our job to make sure that the things are done and that everything is prepared correctly so that it all runs smoothly.
I am happy that I can serve the Lord in whatever form he calls upon me to do!!!  I Love the Lord and His Gospel!  I know that it is True!  I know that Christ lives and he is guiding this Work!!!

I Love You All!!!  Have an Incredible Week!!!
Elder Jarrett

Monday, February 13, 2017

Transfers!!! Leaving Iztacalco!!!

Buenas tardes!!!  (Good Afternoon!!!)

How are you all doing on this Wonderful Day?  How are you enjoying the blessings of the gospel in your life today?  :)

Well, I'm just sending a short email today because I will now be writing on Fridays.  

But, I just wanted to write you quickly to let you know that everything is going great here in Mexico City!!!

Today we had Transfers!!!  I left Iztacalco (and it was really hard saying goodbye to everyone). And I'll now be in the Cafetales ward with Elder Martinez!!!

I Love You All!!!

Elder Jarrett

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This week has been another Incredible Week! This morning we were eating a torta de tamal and Elder Herrera said, "Why do we need to go to Heaven when we can be here eating a torta de tamal?" Haha. :D I really feel so joyful. I feel like being in the mission, we are in such a blessed place, and we feel maybe even just a tiny bit closer to Heaven.


On Sunday, I was filled with joy yet again to see our ward's strength. In my time here in Iztacalco, I have seen the Sacrament Meeting attendance almost double. We also had the opportunity on Sunday to see one of our recent converts prepare the sacrament for his first time, we saw another recent convert sustained to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, we saw the baby blessing of another recent convert's baby, and we saw two confirmations for the two baptisms that the other Elders had on Saturday. I feel blessed that the Lord has allowed us to see some of the fruits of our labor and I feel happy to think that I have contributed a tiny part to the establishment of the church here in Iztacalco.  On Sunday, I did my first baby blessing!  You see, Yesenia and Rosa arrived at church and we greeted them then we went and stood by the doors of the chapel, where everyone enters, to greet everyone that was arriving.  Then Yesenia came over and told me "Hey, they told me that today is First Sunday of the Month, and that the First Sundays of the Month are when they can bless babies.  So I just talked to the Hno. Lemuel about it."  I went to go talk with Hno. Lemuel and he told me, "Yeah, Yesenia just talked to me and said that she wants you to bless her baby."  I asked my companion if it is allowed and he said that it is, so I did it.  It was an awesome experience.


For me, the Zone Conference last Wednesday was incredible. Elder Begley and Elder Tams talked about Conversion.  They said were things that I have always thought and felt, but they expressed them so well. It was so powerful. This week as I have my last transfers, I want to commit myself to give Everything I've got this last transfer. I want to finish strong. I want to finish the race sprinting. It doesn't matter where I am or who I'm with, I will love my companion and work hard.


Also, last Monday in the Leadership Council that we had with everyone, I left so impressed. I told Elder Herrera that night that I learned something so important. I realized that each of us are capable of doing incredible things. For example, I've always thought, "In President Mecham's mission, he did incredible things that I have not done. I will probably never become so great and successful." But when I left the Leadership Council last week, I was thinking, "And why can't I do incredible things like that? Who is to tell me that I can't? If you want to do great things, just go get to work and do them. Quit feeling sorry for yourself for what you haven't done and really commit yourself to what you want to achieve and do it." I realized that I can do incredible things too. The world is not divided between people with extraordinary talents and abilities that can achieve great things and those that don't. It is divided between people with Desire and Determination who know that they can do amazing things because they believe in themselves and they Know that They Can and those that don't see the power that they have or that lack desire or determination to work hard. I now understand what President Mecham has taught us before, that the secret to having success is: Knowing that You Can. I feel like these past few months, I have learned that I can. I recognize that I still have tons that I need to improve and learn, but I feel that I now understand better the power that is in ourselves to act. I trust in Our Savior to make up for the part that I lack as I strive to improve.


The Zone is great. Last week, Iztacalco 2 and Jardines had baptisms and this Saturday, Narvarte is going to baptize. That means that we'll end the transfer with baptisms in every companionship in the zone except Del Valle, Ermita, and Escuadron (and Escuadron was going to baptize this Saturday too but their investigator didn't come to church on Sunday). I have seen so much improvement in the zone in these transfers. And I know that we can do even more!


Yesterday we moved out of the other Elders' house and we are back in our own house again.  It feels so good.  :)


I love you all. Thank you all for everything that you have done for me.


Elder Jarrett