Monday, October 3, 2016

Living in Book of Mormon Land. :D

The Church is True!!!  Every day we see it again and again.  There is evidence in everything around us.  The Gospel changes lives!!!   Miracles abound in the Mission!!!

What an Awesome Weekend!!!  General Conference!  It was great to hear the words of our Heavenly Father through the mouths of his holy servants.  This time, for my last General Conference in the mission, I decided to watch all of the sessions in Spanish.  Normally, I've gone with all the English speakers to watch it in another room where it is played in English and I've only watched a few sessions in Spanish.  But this time, I decided to watch it all in Spanish.  And it was an amazing experience.  The gospel continues to be true in whatever language it is spoken.  Even though I could not hear the messages in the voices of the actual apostles, I was still inspired by their words and their messages.  (Also, I learned that Elder Christofferson pre-records his talk in Spanish.  And with his talk, you hear his actual voice as he talks in Spanish.  Cool, huh?)

Well, another busy week.  We had intercambios with the zone leaders, our 3-month interviews with the President, and General Conference weekend.  Also, President called me on Tuesday morning and asked me to come back to the offices to help Elder Tanner figure out a few numbers with the finances.  So we kept busy and the week passed by super quickly!

Yesterday, we went to visit the investigator that I mentioned last week that has studied with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  His name is Rutilio Ortiz.  Last night he accepted a baptismal date for the first weekend in November!  He says that he believes everything we tell him and he likes our church.  The only problem is that he's moving to Iztapaluca at the end of November, so we're going to see if we can help him gain a testimony here, and maybe get baptized with us, then we'll send his records there so they can go help him get right into it there without losing a beat.

I am loving it out here in the field!!!   Next Monday we've got transfers.  Then I've only got three transfers left.  The time is passing much too quickly.  

I Love You All So Much!!!  Have an Amazing Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Today we went to the Pyramids of Cuicuilco.  There are so many pyramids hidden all over the city.  I always love to go see them.  It just reminds me that the Book of Mormon is true and the people that lived in the Book of Mormon really lived here.  And there are so many testimonies of them.

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