Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey Friends!

This week we had a baptism for an hermana named Wendy!  It's super cool!  Her brother was baptized about a month ago.  He's 14 years old (like Joseph Smith was).  A few months ago, he started wondering about religion.  He used the internet to research a bunch of different churches and he liked our church the best.  So he started coming to church every week, just on his own.  After a few weeks, the missionaries found out about him.  He received the missionary lessons and was baptized.  At his baptism, he bore his testimony and it was super powerful and everyone was crying from the strong feelings of the Spirit.  From this experience, the rest of his family started to take interest too.  His sister started taking the lessons just before I arrived in this area.  And this week she was baptized!  Their mom says she wants to be baptized too, but has conflicts with work every Sunday.  All of this people have interest in the church now because of this 14-year old boy!  

Sorry, short email, but that's all the time I have.  Until next week!


Elder Jarrett