Friday, April 22, 2016

Visit from President L. Whitney Clayton

Buenas tardes a todos (Good afternoon Everyone)!

I'm not really sure what new things there are to tell you about this week.  I feel like ever since I got put in the offices, the time is flying by incredibly fast!!!  The weeks feel like a day long!  Crazy!  

Well,  Saturday we got a visit from President L. Whitney Clayton (president of the quorum of the seventy) and he was also accompanied by Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela (from the first quorum of the seventy).  The conference went by way too quickly, but it was super good.  Something I loved is that Elder Clayton would teach us simple, small things that we need to do.  They're the simple things like kneeling at the end of the first lesson and inviting the head of the family to offer the prayer.  After teaching a principle, he would ask us "Have you been doing that in all of your lessons?"  We'd say "No".  He'd say, "So are there Sinners here?"  We'd all say "Yes".  Then he'd say "So what do you have to do?"  Then we'd say "Repent".  "So will you do it?"  "Yes".  Then he'd teach a new principle and repeat the same thing.  

He kept telling us that we were really good, but that we can be even better.  I was thinking that really that's what the gospel's all about in a nutshell.  We are surrounded by millions of people.  I imagine that each one of them is a really good person, but with the gospel, they can become even better (and they can also receive the eternal blessings that come with it).  Also it was a great reminder that the small, simple things are the easiest things to do, and also the easiest things to stop doing.  Perhaps for this they are the most important that we strive to keep doing them.  

Other than that visit, this week we've just been working in the offices and working in the area like normal.  This Monday are transfers.  But we all just got here to the offices, so nothing too big for us.  

Photo:  For the first time ever, our whole mission got to be together.  So we got a photo of the whole mission with Elder Valenzuela and President Clayton.  Here's a fun Where's Waldo (Elder Jarrett) game for ya.  :)

I Love You All!!!

Elder Jarrett

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