Friday, August 5, 2016

Fwd: House Mover Missionary

29 July 2016

¿Cómo están todos?

Well, this week we only got two days that we could teach people, but we got plenty of days to empty out the houses that we closed in the transfers.  So it was still a busy, productive week.
Here's a rundown of my week:
Sat-  I spent all morning and until 5 in the afternoon with an Elder from our mission looking for a medicine that he has to have.  There was only one location that had that medicine and it was outside of the mission.  So I got permission and we went all the way there, ran to three of the pharmacies´ locations and finally in the third store, we found the medicine.  When we finally got back to the Mission Offices at 5, I had to eat really quick, then we rushed to a House in Narvarte to empty out, clean, and end the contract. 
Sun- Alejandro came to church!  We had quit visiting him a few weeks ago because he wasn't really showing any desire to get baptized and there wasn't anything else that we could do for him to help him progress.  Then Sunday, he came!  So that shows that he does still does
Mon-  It was the Bank of America's close of month, so I had to get all of our finances for the month in zeros (or all reported and accounted for).  Then in the afternoon, we went to close the house in Rosal.
Tues- All afternoon, we went to Meyehualco to close the house in Juarez.
Wed-  We finally got an afternoon to work in our area!  We taught Alejandro.  It's hard to teach him because he likes to question Every little Thing.  We taught the Plan of Salvation because he had questions about the Dinosaurs and Evolution and the Big Bang and we said we wouldn't answer his questions but that we'd teach the Plan of Salvation to help him find his own answer.  Before we really got into anything, we got to the point of Agency and he fought with us for about half an hour on how Bad is good because it can teach other people, which is good.  We explained that although Bad is necessary, Bad is still bad.  Then he argued.  We tried to change the topic then he just brought up other questions and it just went on and on.  So it's hard.
Thu-  We closed the houses in Escuadron and Espartaco all afternoon.
Fri-  Today!  P-day!  But hardly a P-day!  We had to come to the offices early to meet a man to help some missionaries get their Visas so that they can go to their missions.  Then just as he was finishing up, Elder Chavez got a call that he had to go to Polanco to the Consulate to get some forms for missionaries´ Green Cards.  So I stayed here working on finances while Elder Chavez left with Elder Tanner.  They got back around 2:30 or 3:00, we ran to eat lunch, and now we're just finishing up writing.

So a pretty crazy and busy week, but I'm loving it!  Sometimes I feel a little tired of being in the Offices.  This week I felt like I especially lost my patience a few times.  But imagine 6 months of your phone constantly ringing, and every time you answer it, someone asks you about money.  They say that they don't have money and they need more, or they just want to check to see if you reimbursed them more money, or they call to see if they have money in their accounts yet.  And they're always disappointed if they don't get their money immediately and if they don't get as much as they want.  Sometimes, I just get sick of talking about money 24/7.  But the thing that I've learned from all of this is that we can't build our lives upon money.  Money always runs out and you are always going to want more money.  That's why it's so important that we put something of more importance as the focus of our lives.  Like the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Instead of turning us towards greed, and towards ourselves, and our problems, and our needs, and our wants, the Gospel does the exact opposite.  The gospel turns us outwards.  To look towards others, to look at their needs.  To look at our family, at our unity, at love, and service, and a care and love of all man.  It brings us peace.  It brings us joy.  It brings us a sense of real satisfaction that lasts longer than what it would take to spend.  It turns us to forgive others and seek for ways to improve ourselves.  It doesn't hold grudges or debts.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Elder Jarrett

A picture of us emptying out a house this week!  

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