Friday, July 15, 2016

Ending off the Transfer on an Excellent Note

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, I don't have tons of time to write this week, but I'll try to get all of the highlights covered.

This week was the last week of another transfer!  It's crazy how fast they're flying by!  Next week, us secretaries are going to be super busy with all of the normal stuff for the changes.  We'll be going to the MTC, have a new missionary training, going to the airport a few different times, and all of those that go stay in our house for their last two nights so we'll be organizing and cleaning this weekend to prepare for them and next weekend to clean up after all that they leave.  :)  

The biggest highlight of this week was definitely Tuesday.
Tuesday was one of the best days of my entire mission!!!  It all got off to a great start with our District Meeting.  I always put a lot of thought, prayer, and preparation for our District Meetings.  This week, I felt that we should just have a Testimony Meeting with our District.  In every companionship of our District, there is one missionary that is now finishing their missions here and will be leaving next week.  So we had a Testimony Meeting that was super powerful!!!  A testimony is a powerful thing.  It changes our lives, and if we share it, it can change the lives of others.  That's the reason that Satan fights so hard to convince us to keep our mouths shut, because he knows the power of a sincere testimony.  I shared with the District that being able to share our testimony every day and in every moment is one of the greatest blessings and privileges that we have as missionaries.  After lunch that day, Elder Chavez and I went looking for some Less-Actives and References that we have received, but we also wanted to contact lots of people in the streets (because we don't really have any investigators anymore).  It was Awesome because Every Person and Family that we talked to in the streets was willing to listen to us and chat with us for 5-10 minutes and they all wanted to listen to us!  All of them except one wanted us to come back another day so that we can talk more!!!  Street contacting is normally hard because it usually seems like no one wants to listen to us or they reject us or ignore us or blow us off!!!  Tuesday was Incredible because we were able to share our sincere, humble testimonies with Everyone and we could see it touch their hearts and accept us and our message!!!

Well, that's it for this week!!  I Love You All!

Elder Jarrett

A picture of our District

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