Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week of the Key

Just because everyone else in the district thought it was important enough to mention in all their emails this week, I'll quickly share a funny thing that happened to me this week.

We all have keys to our closets in our rooms.  I keep mine in my pocket and I like to throw it in the air when I'm walking around.  Last Thursday, I was walking back from dinner throwing it in the air, and then catching it again.  Then I would throw it higher and higher each time.  Hermana Mortensen said, "Don't!  It's going to get stuck in that palm tree."  "Yeah right," I thought.  So I threw it once more, right underneath the tallest palm tree.  I threw it up as high as I could.  And it touched the branch.  And didn't come back down.  It was stuck.  For the next ten minutes, we all threw whatever we could at the tree to knock them loose.  Finally, Elder Tams hit the branch with a dirt clod and the keys fell loose.

The next night, we were standing around after dinner as a district.  I was fidgeting with my key.  All of the sudden, I noticed the key was a little bent.  I showed it to the others and said, "Look my key isn't perfectly straight.  I'll bend it back into shape."  Elder Potter said, "Don't bend it, it will break."  I said, "If it can bend enough to be crooked, it can bend back into shape."  So I applied pressure ever so slightly and... Crack.  My key was broke in two.  

Hermana Anderson thought that these two tales were such good parables for obedience that she wrote and illustrated a little story of my adventures with my key.  

But, lesson learned.  I got my new key and I have not had any new adventures with it yet.

Elder Jarrett

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