Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day Happiness

February 15, 2016

I hope you all had a marvelous Valentine´s day!

What does a missionary do to celebrate, you may ask?  We do the best thing there is to do!  Just like every other day in the mission field, we are witnesses to the miracles and love of our Heavenly Father!

Yesterday was Awesome.  We went to church and sat down and were waiting for the meeting to start when a man named Roberto walked in!  I was so happy to see him!  You see, we met Roberto about a month ago in the street.  He was drunk and walked up to us (not really walking very well or in a straight line either).  Instead of just saying something nice and quickly walking away, we actually stopped and talked to him for quite a while (though we didn't know how much would actually get through to him).  We left him with a pass-along card with our number on it and told him that if he ever needed anything, he could call us.  A few weeks afterwards, he actually called us and asked if he could meet with us!  Again, he had just drank and was a little drunk.  We met with him in the church and we talked to him about his addiction, which is what he wanted help with.  He had lost his job because of his alcohol problem and began to see that it really was just that, a problem.  So we aren't experts in addiction recovery by any means, but we did the best we could with what we'd read in Preach My Gospel.   After the lesson, we put another appointment, which he didn't come to.  Then we got a hold of him by phone later and he said he was really busy and couldn't meet with us.  So we figured he wasn't really that interested and just invited him to come to church if he was ever available.  And yesterday he came!  And he told us that he's found a new job, quit his drinking problem, and wants to start coming to church!  It was a miracle!  One that can only come through our good use of agency and God's help!  So it was my Día de San Valentín Miracle here in Mexico City!!!  He even had a different look to his countenance!

I love you all so much!  Have a Wonderful Week!

Elder Jarrett

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