Monday, January 11, 2016

What a Week!!!

What a crazy week!!!!  Aaaaahhhh!!!  I'm now here in Coyoacàn and I love it!!!  It's an amazing area and I have an amazing companion!  He is Elder Davies from Hooper, Utah (by Ogden) and he has like three weeks in the mission.  I am a mission dad for the second time!!!  And for the first time with an American.  I now know what it's like to be the comp that knows more Spanish.  Now I understand what I put my first few comps through.  ;)  It's been really fun.  Really, Elder Davies and I get along very well!!!  :)

It has been a very interesting week.  My companion is very new in the area and I just arrived.  So neither of us know very well the people, where they live, or when is the best time to go visit them or anything like that.  It has been slightly better than opening an area.  But we've been working very hard together to get to know the members and building that trust and trying to involve them in missionary work.  Members are SO SO important in Missionary Work!  I was doing some math the other day and realized that with 7 billion people in the world, the 80,000 missionaries would EACH have to talk to about 80,500 people to be able to share the message of the gospel with everyone.  But if every one of the 15 million members of the church were to share the gospel, each one of us would only have 500 people to talk to.  Missionary Work is not just for full-time missionaries.  I have learned that lesson so much on my mission.  The members are so important!  Joseph Smith once said that our greatest duty as members of the church is to do missionary work!

Being district leader is crazy too.  I found out that when you become a district leader, you do not receive any instructions as to what you are supposed to do, so it was flying by the seat of my pants for the first few days, just doing what I've seen my district leaders do before.  :)  My district is tied with another district for being the biggest in the mission.  There's nine of us - four Elders and five Sisters.  Four companionships, one of which is a trio.  The two other Elders are Elder Aguilar from Mexico and Elder Centurion from Peru.  The Sisters are Sister Hyer and Sister Goulding from the States and Sisters Esteban and Ruiz from Mexico and Sister Villefranco from Peru.  It's been awesome because the other two Elders in our District are the Secretaries of the mission, so they are able to help us out a lot.

Every night I've had to do reports with the companionships in my district.  I call them and see how their day went and how well they're doing with their goals and then try to help them see the best ways to help their area.  I also have had a lot of announcements from the zone leaders to make to my district every night.  Especially for this week's conference with Elder Peiper from the Quorum of the 70 on Thursday!!!

On Thursday, this week I had to do my first baptismal interview!

Other tidbit:  I have had 11 companions in my 10 months of the mission!

Oh and my first District Meeting is in one hour!  I am a little nervous!  I have to teach something for an hour and a half.  And the Zone Leaders told me that they are going to come!  I have thought a lot on my District's needs and this morning as I began personal study, I feel like I received a lot of revelation about what to teach.  I am going to teach about Goals and their importance.  Wish me luck! 

Sorry I can't send pictures today, my computer doesn't read my camera memory card.  I hope that next week I'll be able to!


Elder Jarrett

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