Monday, January 4, 2016

Fwd: TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!

Mis Gran Amigos!!!!

TRANSFERS!!!!  Wow!!!!!   Saturday night we received a call from the Mission Assistants.  And....  My area of Ajusco 2 is being closed!  Elder Mayoral and I are both leaving!  So instead of having four missionaries, the branch of Ajusco will now only have two.  The number of missionaries in our mission is continually dropping and with the addition of another stake to our mission (starting this week), President had to close 10  areas.  
I'm going to Coyoacan!  And as District Leader.   Elder Mayoral is going to the new stake in Meyehualco.   My new area is very different than Ajusco.  I have visited my area several times before.  It is located in the center of our mission.  When I arrived in the mission, the mission offices were there and they did the transfers in the chapel in Coyoacan.  It is very well-known, very much in the city, and a richer part of the mission.  It is next to my old area in Jardines de Ermita, but is part of a different stake.   It is the ward of President and Sister Mecham, so if they are not visiting other wards in the mission, I will be seeing them on Sundays.   The new mission offices are now in the area next to Coyoacan.
Yesterday was a sad day saying goodbye to everyone.  I've had transfers before, but I've never been in an area for as much time as I've been in Ajusco.  I love Ajusco.  The people here have like become part of my family.  The four of us missionaries shared our testimonies and that was super special.  Then after church, many found out that we were leaving and several of them cried.

Today I complete 10 months in the mission exactly!!!  The time has passed by very quickly.

Oh, I've forgotten to tell you.  But I have showered with water from a bucket on various occasions.  I remembered this weekend, because we've had to do it for the past few days.  To heat the water here, you have to buy a tank of gas, and every morning, you have to open the tank of gas and light the water heater with a lighter.  And when you finish, close the tank and turn of the water heater to extinguish the flame.  But, about once every month, you run out of gas in the gas tank and you have to call a gas man to bring you a new tank.  And sometimes there's a delay to bring a new tank, it could be a few hours or a few days.  And this weekend, we ran out of gas, but we don't want to ask for a new one, just so we can use it for a day and leave to a new area.  So, we heat up a few cups of water on the stove and in the microwave and shower from a bucket.  So cross that sweet experience off my bucket list!  :D 

Pictures of my mountainous home of Ajusco

I love you all!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

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