Monday, December 14, 2015

Transfers: Staying in Ajusco!

Hello All!

Last night we found out about transfers again!  (Normally, every transfer is 6 weeks long, but this last transfer was only 5 weeks because President didn't want to have to worry about making changes the week of Christmas.  The next transfer will be 7 weeks long to make up for it.)  And the transfers area a big surprise!  I'm staying in Ajusco for a fourth transfer!  And my companion will continue to be Elder Mayoral.  And Elder Tapia, who just arrived in our area 5 weeks ago, is leaving!  I really felt that I would be leaving the area (and began to pack and get ready for it.  Haha.  :) ) and I was super surprised with what happened, but I'm excited too.  It will be fun to spend Christmas with the many friends I have made here and I know that if I'm staying in this area, it's for a reason.  And I'm excited to keep working with the members here and find out what still awaits me to learn and do here.

I have seen progress in this area in my time here.  And one visible indicator of this progress is that this Sunday, the branch is switching to a new House of Prayer.  There was a need for the branch to move to a bigger building for our Sunday meetings.  And after this bigger building could follow a chapel here in Ajusco!  :D  And we get to use it for the first time for our branch Christmas party this Saturday!

Yesterday, we got to see the Temple Dedication of the Tijuana temple!  I LOVE temple dedications!  Two weeks ago, we had stake Conference and a member of the fourth quorum of the seventy, Elder Moroni Gaona, spoke!  In one week, we have a mission party for Christmas!  What a great time of year!  Last week, we found out that we will be receiving a visit from Elder Paul B. Peiper to our mission in January!  Wooohh!!  So much goodness!!! :)  

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Jarrett

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