Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Wonderful Week in the Mission

Hola Friends and Family!!!

Ahhh!  So much to say and so little time!  I feel like lots has happened this week, and today was super crazy to complete it!  

I'm emailing late because today we hiked Pico de Aguila, the highest peak in our mission, and one of the highest in Mexico City.  And it's in my area!  I've always seen it and heard about it, but with President Valadez, missionaries couldn't hike it.  But President Mecham told us we could and today we went!  It reminded me of hiking the mountains in Utah, with so many pine trees and no signs of "big city" like so much of Mexico City.  It was very fun!  But a little tiring too.  It took about 3 hours to climb to the top and other 3 to come down.  Also, my first time hitchhiking!  We took a taxi to the base of the mountain, but when we came out, we were far away from our house, on a street without buses or taxis or cars at all.  So when a car finally came down the hill, the member with us put out his thumb and we hopped in the bed of a truck to ride back.  So fun!  ;)

This week we also were able to put a baptismal date with a new investigator named Rosa.  She is the sister of a Recent Convert of our Branch.  She is really sick, so she came to live with her sister so that her sister can take care of her.  She believes very much in God, but she has a very different perspective, being very strictly Catholic all of her life.  But she listens to us and likes what we share!  The biggest problem with her is her health.  We have to pray for a miracle with her health so that we can be able to complete the baptism.  

Well, sorry, I don't have time for more, but I love you all!  Until next week!

Elder Jarrett

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