Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Loving Every Minute!!!

(Sorry, I don't know how the other email got sent.  Here's the real email for this week.)


This week was Incredible!  Last Wednesday, we arrived home that night, and I was just in awe.  I can not believe how many miracles we are seeing in our area!  There are so many people here that have desires to hear the gospel and to change and come unto Christ!  I am seeing success like never before in my mission!!!  

Last night was the baptismal interview for Rosa and Yesenia, our golden investigators.  And they both passed and will be baptized this Saturday!!!  Their story is Amazing:
Rosa has told us that she wants to be baptized since our first lesson with her.  She told us that her husband has been against her getting baptized and the other day she told him that she was going to be baptized and he was invited to come.  He started to tell her many rude things, like that she can't abandon what her parents taught her and that if she gets baptized, then she's been lying to God and to her family all of these years and whatnot.  And in that moment she told him, "I've already made my decision and I'm going to be baptized.  I'd like to have your support in this, but I'm going to be baptized whether you're there or not".  When she told that to us this week, I was overcome with gratitude for being able to know people so strong and so converted that they are willing to follow God - no matter what persecutions or rude things that people may say or do to convince you otherwise.
The day that we invited them to put a set baptismal date, we felt that we should extend it for the 21st of January.  As we invited them, we saw Yesenia's face light up.  She told us, "That's my birthday!  What better way to celebrate than with a baptism!"  We had faith in that she would be able to be baptized on that day.  But the only problem was that she also had to get married to her boyfriend before she could be baptized.  The weeks were counting down, when finally, last week she told us that she talked with her boyfriend and they are going to be married.  And they're going to do it this Saturday as well!!!  So this Saturday, we're going to go with them and see their marriage and then that night, her baptism with her mother.  It will be such an Incredible day for all of them!!!!  I'm so Excited!!!  :D  :D

We also have other investigators with baptismal dates for these upcoming weeks:  The mom and sister of Dana (the girl that was baptized on Christmas Eve), have got newfound desire in the gospel after seeing Dana's baptism!  They've already come to church several times and learned the principles of the gospel and they are planning on being baptized next Saturday, the 28th.
This week we also saw a miracle with one of our investigators named Silvia.  We've extended the invitation to put a baptismal date with her several times and she's always said no, because she feels that she has lots to learn still.  But this last week, we talked about it again and we brought Celia and Rogelio with us to the lesson, they shared their baptismal experiences and we invited Silvia again to put a baptismal date and she accepted for the 11 of February!!!

And the Last Great Experience to share from This Week was on Sunday!!!  They just put two new missionaries in our ward and on Sunday, we had another day in which we were blessed to see the fruits of our labors - to see that our hard work is paying off.  I was filled with happiness to see the ward's sacrament meeting so full of people!!!  The Sacrament Meeting attendance increased by about 20% of last week's attendance and we had more than 100 people in Sacrament Meeting in total!  We also had 11 investigators present, between the two companionships!!!  I was so happy to see a church not so empty, but full of people that came to feel the Spirit and learn how to walk in the ways of the Gospel.

I Love You The People Here, I Love This Work, and I Love the Blessings of the Restored Gospel!!!  

Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Pics:  The four of us from our ward in the moving truck as we were helping some members to move.
Yesenia and her boyfriend that are going to be married this Saturday!!!

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