Friday, March 18, 2016

What an Adventure!

18 March 2016

Well just a few days here in the offices and I can already tell what an Adventure this will be!  

Monday (the afternoon) - We had the transfers. Elder Davies went to Pedregal, the ward right next to ours and that meets in the same building as us, and with Elder Peterson, the old financial secretary!  So although I was super sad to say goodbye to him being my companion, I am super happy that we will get to continue seeing each other often.
That night the missionaries that were leaving all came and stayed at the Casa Amarilla.  They didn't sleep at all that night and were laughing and shouting so much that none of the rest of us could get any sleep either.

Tuesday - I came to work at the Offices for my first day.  It felt weird and I wasn't quite sure exactly what to do, I just knew that I had a lot to do.  So it was a little stressful, but not too bad.  Then that afternoon right after the food, my companion and I had to go to San Pedro (close to Ajusco) to find a new house for the missionaries there.  We found a house and had to go tell their current owner that we are not going to renew the contract on the first house.  As we were riding back, I realized that a lot of the time we use as Office Missionaries is spent resolving everyone else's problems so that they can work in their areas without any concerns, but we don't spend as much time in our areas.  Even though we only spend half the day in the offices, the other half, we still run errands and receive phone calls for help and all that good stuff.
Again that night, we had the missionaries that were leaving in our house and they did a cookout of carne asada.  We hardly didn't sleep either because we had to leave for the airport at 3:30am, so I was so, so tired.

Wednesday - That morning, President Mecham and his wife came and picked up all the missionaries.  I had to go because I have one of the mission credit cards so I can pay for their luggage and everything.  So I rode there with Sister Mecham and the Assistants.  Then we waited at the airport until about 8:00, when the last missionary left, and then I came back with President Mecham and Elder Lovo.  (Apparently on the way back, I fell asleep and started snoring really loudly and President started laughing, so that's super embarrassing.  :)  ).   President Mecham told us that we could rest a little bit, so we had just gotten in our house and laid down to rest when we got a call that one of the Elders missed their flight.  So Sister Mecham came back and picked us up and we went back to the airport and bought him another plane ticket.  Sister Mecham doesn't talk Spanish, so I also act as her translator.  (Quick story - I had to act as a translator for Elder Davies too.  When he went to the hospital, I had to translate everything between him and the doctors.  Then one night, Elder Davies said he heard me sleep-talking.  And I was sleep-talking in Spanish!  Crazy, huh?)
We went straight from there to the offices.  Afterwards, we had to go back to San Pedro to sign the contract on the new house we had just found.  Then we taught a quick lesson in our area and returned home.  Finally we got to rest well too.

Thursday - We went to work as normal in the offices all morning.  Then in our area all afternoon.  It was a very productive day!

Elder Lovo and I are getting along really well and I'm super excited for my new calling!  I'm learning a lot and helping a lot of missionaries too!  I do miss teaching more and studying more in the mornings like I used to, but this is the position that the Lord has given to me so I'm going to give my all to it!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  Have a Wonderful Week!!!

Elder Jarrett

Photos of my New Office

Until Next Week!!!

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